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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Bulk SMS software for USB modem instantly sends unlimited text messages from your PC or laptop using USB modem. Group SMS broadcasting program provide fast delivery of text messages across the world.

You can connect numbers of USB modem with your PC to send unlimited text messages simultaneously via bulk SMS software for USB modem.

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Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Bulk SMS Software - Multi USB Modem

Choose any one 'Import and Composing Option' to load contact numbers and messages. Now click on "USB Modems Connection Wizard" button to start connection process.
Text messaging app helps you to send number of text SMS to your friends, relatives, clients, customer and business partners over worldwide location. You can communicate with people by sending unlimited text messages via bulk SMS messaging software.

Vital Features:
  • Bulk SMS software is fully compatible to work with major types of USB modems for sending bulk text SMS.
  • Group SMS broadcasting program successfully save sent text messages to template that can be view later whenever required.
  • SMS texting utility provides list wizard option to maintain list of contact numbers.
  • Text messaging tool provides facility to import phone number from PC for sending group SMS.
  • Easy to use program does not require any technical skill to operate the software.
➭ Why this software is so useful?
  • Send thousands of text messages directly without requiring internet connection.
  • Broadcast notification and standard SMS from PC using major USB modem.
  • Supports all Unicode languages for sending unlimited text messages.
  • Provides advanced delay delivery option to maintain load of bulk SMS broadcasting.
  • Offers cost effective way to send thousands of text messages over worldwide location.